Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Garden Meal

The garden grows slowly in this winter/spring/should be hotter weather, but there are are few things doing well enough to use for a meal. I harvested some sugar snap peas, a radish, Swiss chard and sage and decided to make a "Hippie Hash". A Hippie Hash is what I call a bunch of good things thrown together haphazardly in one pan, It is always different and always includes grains, legumes, or beans; veggies, and often a bit of meat and ALWAYS garlic.

Tonight's Hippie Hash Ingredients: Our "bounty" plus garlic, lentils, and chicken andoulle sausage

I Chopped the garlic and sage, heated in a bit of olive oil, added the sausage and sugar snap peas.

Added the cooked lentils and heated for a moment:
Then added coarsely chopped chard, turned the heat down low, and let it wilt just a bit.

On to a plate then put sliced radish and Parmesan cheese on top (what else what I going to do with a radish?)

YUM! The radish actually added a nice bit of crunch and flavor to the combination.

That's what I love about Hippie Hash - there are no mistakes!


  1. Finally I know what hippie hash is! my Mom was more the order out and have cocktail party type in the 60's.
    Looks fab, I have gotten some herbs but so far no produce other than lettuce and cilantro.