Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What movie would you live in?

My good friend, Heidi, has a great blog named "Finishing the Hat". She blogs about her experiences with weight loss (50 pounds so far!!!), fun activities in Los Angeles and cooking. She has shared some fabulous recipes thus far - the latest is for grilled peaches.

Mondays are always Friend Making Monday for her and this week's question got me thinking....

If you lived in a movie, which one would it be? And which character would you play?

Going with the first thing to come to mind, it would be Tracy Lord (played by Katherine Hepburn) in The Philadelphia Story. Hepburn plays a strong-willed woman who is discovering her true self along with her true love. Plus, the fashion is amazing!

Somewhere, I think there's a picture of me in Palm Springs that looks something like this:

Besides, she ends up with Cary Grant (swoon)

So, what would you answer be?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Garden Meal

The garden grows slowly in this winter/spring/should be hotter weather, but there are are few things doing well enough to use for a meal. I harvested some sugar snap peas, a radish, Swiss chard and sage and decided to make a "Hippie Hash". A Hippie Hash is what I call a bunch of good things thrown together haphazardly in one pan, It is always different and always includes grains, legumes, or beans; veggies, and often a bit of meat and ALWAYS garlic.

Tonight's Hippie Hash Ingredients: Our "bounty" plus garlic, lentils, and chicken andoulle sausage

I Chopped the garlic and sage, heated in a bit of olive oil, added the sausage and sugar snap peas.

Added the cooked lentils and heated for a moment:
Then added coarsely chopped chard, turned the heat down low, and let it wilt just a bit.

On to a plate then put sliced radish and Parmesan cheese on top (what else what I going to do with a radish?)

YUM! The radish actually added a nice bit of crunch and flavor to the combination.

That's what I love about Hippie Hash - there are no mistakes!