Sunday, May 8, 2011

Of Seats, Sprouts and Fences

The garden is coming along nicely and we're getting our first bits of produce forming. During the week, Amy and I "built" a little seating area under one of the awnings. There is room for 2 vintage folding chairs that Amy found at a garage sale, a tiny folding table I had in the back yard and a dog bed for the pups. We put down some leftover plastic, covered it with mulch, added some old step stones that used to be near the driveway and - Voila! It's a perfect place to relax.

Today it was time for the old, termite-ridden gate to come down and a new redwood fence and gate to be put in it's place. Our friends Brendan and Cynthia came over and Chris and Brendan became tool-type guys . The got a great portion of it done before dark and should be finished tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get some good shots of the masterpiece tomorrow. It will be painted green at some point, which is the color I want to paint the trim when we get to that project.

Chris and Brendan hard at work

The old fence. Termites had definitely had their way with it.

We haven't gotten any potatoes sprouting yet. I'm not sure what the gestation period is for these guys, but I hope I see some green soon. All of the other seeds we planted are sprouting and we've got little tomatoes and peppers forming. I haven't found anything but snails in the garden yet, but something is eating the tomato plant leaves. It may be time for and application of Diatomaceous Earth.

We will also be installing a little trick to repeal snails and slugs. More on that next time.

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  1. Yay for progress! I need to come by soon and see the new gate and beautiful greens in person :)